Turtle Position Review

Here are some of the techniques covered in class in March of 2015

Turtle Basics (Gi or No Gi) // Spiral Ride to Hook (Gi or No Gi) // Basic Roll and Twister Roll to Back (Gi or No Gi) // Twister to Calf Slicer and Reversing the Slicer (Gi or No Gi) // Owl to Back (Gi) // Corkscrew Pass (Gi) // Clock Choke (Gi) // Rolling Bow & Arrow Choke (Gi) // Tornado Choke (Gi) // Lapel Over and Under Peruvian Necktie (Gi) // Side and Front Peruvian Necktie (Gi or No Gi) // Sleeper Guillotine (Gi or No Gi) // Anaconda Choke (Gi or No Gi) // Spinning Circle Choke (Gi)


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