I’m currently an instructor at Des Moines Jiu Jitsu Academy in Des Moines, Iowa (iowabjj.com).  This site is mainly intended as a reference for my students, but all are welcome to visit, provide feedback, and ask questions.

There are thousands (millions?) of BJJ (submission grappling, catch wrestling, sambo, etc.) instructional videos online.  The impetus of this site was to enhance the experience for the students who attend my class and want to remember what was covered.  I believe that creating a video that quickly reviews the techniques covered in class, even if every detail and possible alternative finish or path is not included, is a huge improvement over the existing paradigm where students need to write in jiu jitsu journals immediately after class to remember what was covered when they should be rolling and having fun integrating new material right away.  As students of jiu jitsu, we should never rely on a single source of information, this site and my classes are no exception.  We should seek out multiple sources, constantly challenge what we think we know and what we are taught, test out new ideas, continue to evolve, and ultimately follow our own path.

Additionally, this site gives me a creative outlet to document what I have learned in over a decade of training along with a challenge to tie the most useful techniques, concepts, and principles together in a comprehensive framework (a goal that I will strive for but will inevitably come up short).


Remember that jiu jitsu is an art because it is something which will never be fully understood or solved.  Because we can never fully learn jiu jitsu, despite the arbitrary assignment of belts and fleeting feelings of success derived from competition, we should focus on the benefits intrinsic to the journey itself and not extrinsic goals.

Like any good art it humbles us and expands our understanding of the world.  Jiu jitsu is a tool that trims the ego, which has a habit of growing when left untested.  This humility is obtained not only from being bested in an individual match but from the overall increased awareness of our own ineptitude that is the distressing byproduct of any pursuing of knowledge.  These feelings ultimately make us better people and can lead to richer and more fulfilling relationships.

Site Navigation

The Home section contains all technique videos posted to the site in a blog format.  The Class Reviews and Lab Work sections filter down the techniques to those that were covered in class and all other techniques (“Lab Work” is a closer look at a specific technique or set of techniques that often I don’t cover in class because it may not be applicable to a broad audience).  I have also included a few of my competition videos to show some of the techniques “in the field”.


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