9 Rear Triangle Entries

I’ve been using this control position for awhile, and I’m starting to see others use it in competition, so I thought it would be fun to make a video showing some ways to establish the position.  I have competition videos of entry #7 and entry #2 in the competition section (MFL 2011 and NAGA 2013).  This technique is still evolving and I think we will see it used in many more ways than those I have shown here.  I have plans for other videos like this in the future that will show a variety of options for a specific technique or related techniques, they will probably all focus on no-gi since I already do the class reviews in the gi.

Turtle Position Review

Here are some of the techniques covered in class in March of 2015

Turtle Basics (Gi or No Gi) // Spiral Ride to Hook (Gi or No Gi) // Basic Roll and Twister Roll to Back (Gi or No Gi) // Twister to Calf Slicer and Reversing the Slicer (Gi or No Gi) // Owl to Back (Gi) // Corkscrew Pass (Gi) // Clock Choke (Gi) // Rolling Bow & Arrow Choke (Gi) // Tornado Choke (Gi) // Lapel Over and Under Peruvian Necktie (Gi) // Side and Front Peruvian Necktie (Gi or No Gi) // Sleeper Guillotine (Gi or No Gi) // Anaconda Choke (Gi or No Gi) // Spinning Circle Choke (Gi)

Open Guard Review

Here are some of the techniques covered in class in January and February 2015

Back Roll Sweep (Gi Only) // Tripod Sweep (Gi or No Gi) // Toreando Pass to Side or Knee-on-Belly (Mostly Gi Only) // Knee Pass and Cartwheel Pass (Gi or No Gi) // Spider Guard Overview (Gi Only) // Knee Stomp Spider Guard Escape (Gi Only) // De La Riva Overview (Gi or No Gi) // Deep DLR Back Take (Probably Gi Only) // DLR Balloon Sweep (Gi Only) // DLR Triangle (Probably Gi Only) // Leg Drag DLR Pass (Gi or No Gi) // DLR to Koala and Roll Under Sweep (Sweep is Gi Only) // Leg Whip Koala Pass and Rolling Omoplata (Gi or No Gi) // DLR to Reverse DLR and Roll Under Back Take (Gi or No Gi)